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- Fast Payments and Receiving System
- Earn Up to $ 0.01 per referral click
- Unlimited earning potential
- Earn Up To $0.1 Per Click
- Minimum withdraw $ 0.1
- Guaranteed ADS Daily
- Unlimited referrals
- Signup Bonus
- VIP Points
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* Standard members: Maximum withdraw per day: $0.5.
* Standard members: Must stay active by clicking all ads daily to receive required money.
* Standard member: Can wait 15 working days to receve payment.
* The maximum amount you can request is subject to S.P.S (Smart Payment System) and ROI limits (vary by membership).
* You can withdraw your money from ClixAcademy at any time, without investing.
* Some users depending on their country of residence must invest to receive payments. Please read our terms and conditions before starting with us.


- Multiple Advertisement Packs
- Add Rotation Plan Instantly
- 100% Humans Visitors
- Anti-cheat Protection
- Minimum Deposit $1
- Competitive Prices
- Detailed Statistics
- Special Packages
- Gift Packs
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* Success in the affiliate marketing industry requires hard work and constant attention to optimize your promotional options, and that’s what ClixAcademy is here for. Our expert Affiliate Management Team can work with you to implement dynamic, effective strategies designed to grow your business.

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